Floriade 2022 – Holland’s once-a-decade World Horticulture Expo

Floriade is Holland's once-a-decade World Horticulture Expo. It will run April to October 2022, with exhibitions from more than 30 countries.

The Floraide is an international horticultural expo held once every ten years somewhere in the Netherlands. I remember visiting the Floriade 2002 in Haarlemmermeer, the Netherlands. The event was held in a 65-hectare area. It was so huge that took me a few hours to walk through the grounds and visit the exhibitions. Floriade does not have many tulips on show. The expo is a celebration of plants, vegetables, fruits and produce. For those that wants to visit the expo for tulips might be a bit disappointed. Also, when Floriade is held, Keukenhof will not be open.

Green City of the Future

Floriade 2022 will be held at Almere, the Netherlands, from 14 April to 9 October 2022. The theme of this expo is Growing Green Cities.

Different countries, cities and companies will be offering inspiring ideas about Green City of the Future. Guests to the expo are invited to experience and participate in conventions, workshops, exhibitions, and unique attractions.


Different Themes

There are four sub-themes for visitors to participate and contribute. The Floriade site is divided into Green Island and three districts with their own theme: The Food District, the Energy District and the Health District.

Unique Collection of Trees, Plants and Flowers

The foundation of the 60-hectare Floriade site is Green City Arboretum. A one-of-a-kind library of trees and plants, planted in alphabetical order, based on their botanical name.

The arboretum was the idea by Winy Maas, the architect and urban planner who developed the masterplan for this Expo area.

Floriade Expo 2022

An Unforgettable Mix

Growers from all over the Netherlands have sent two thousand trees as the first phase of planting. Next layers will include bushes and plants, in addition to flower bulbs. Together, they will contribute to a healthy and sustainable city by reducing heat and improving air quality.

When the Expo opens, visitors can walk through an area the size of sixteen soccer fields. They will enter a world of unforgettable mix of colors, scents, and experiences.

Floriade 2022

Green Event

The Green Event festival will take place in and around the Floriade site. Be impressed by international cultural shows and live entertainment, in addition to talk shows, culinary surprises and art exhibitions.

Getting to Floriade

Visitors planning to visit Floriade can stay in Amsterdam. Trains from Centraal Station takes 20 minutes to reach Almere.

Recommended hotels near Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Getting to Amsterdam Centraal is easy. For example, if you are arriving by flight into Schiphol Airport, purchase your ticket from the train counter or machine at the airport. Then go one level down to the basement to catch the train to the city. Journey is 14-17 minutes and cost €5,50 for a one-way ticket.

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