Dash and Lily Flim Locations

Dash and Lily Film Locations in New York City

Here is the list of Dash & Lily Film Locations in New York City. The new romantic comedy series on Netflix.

Just like Emily in Paris was full of wanderlust in Paris, Dash and Lily is about romance between two people and the romantic look at New York City. They get to know each other by exchanging notes via a red notebook in one of New York’s most iconic bookstores, The Strand.

Here are the must-see Dash and Lily film locations

Dash and Lily - The Strand Bookstore
The Strand Bookstore

The Strand Bookstore, East Village

Sitting in the corner of East 12th Street in the East Village of Manhattan is The Strand Bookstore. The store has been in this location since 1956. Here is where Lily hides her red notebook for someone to find it.

Union Square, Manhattan

The first time Dash and Lily saw each other was in Union Square, Manhattan. Lily was there to sing Christmas carols while Dash was there to wander around.

Two Boots, East Village

Two Boots is a pizza chain based in New York City. There is one located on the corner of Avenue A and Third Street in the East Village. This is where Dash’s friend Boomer works. In one scene, Lily enters the store and placed her red notebook on the video shelf and tries to run. She was caught up by Boomer and both started talking about Dash.

Macy's Department Store
Macy’s Department Store

Macy’s Herald Square

The Macy’s Herald Square is the flagship of the Macy’s department store chain and the largest in America with over two million square feet of retail space spread over ten floors. In the series, Dash goes to Macy’s to get Santa’s hat as part of a dare.

The Morgan Library and Museum, Madison Avenue

The museum has been open to public since 1924 and a must visit for book lovers. Pierpont Morgan was a collector of rare book and ancient artifacts in the late 19th century. Dash and his ex-girlfriend Sophia take a step back in time here.

Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station, East 42nd Street

The Grand Central Station is a famous location seen in many movies. One of Dash’s dare was for Lily to marvel at the beauty of the station in the wee hours of the morning free from crowds and commuters.

Central Park, Manhattan

The City’s famous Central Park appears numerous times in the series. Dash is dared to copy a human statue movement at the Bethesda Fountain.

The park’s Alice in Wonderland statue also appears in the series as one of the locations where Dash and Lily exchange the red notebook.

Dyker Heights
Dyker Heights

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

A residential neighborhood famous for its annual Christmas decorations. Lily sends Dash to see the Christmas lights with the aim to change his mind that it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan

Tompkins Square in a 10.5-acre public park in the East Village that appears briefly in the series. Lily comes here to feed other people’s dogs.

McSorley's Old Ale House
McSorley’s Old Ale House

McSorley’s Old Ale House, East 7th Street

One of the oldest and most famous bars in New York City. It was one of the last men only bars until it was legally forced to accept women in 1970. In this scene, Lily has drinks with her friends at the bar and kisses the wrong person.

Hudson Yards, 10th Avenue

The Jonas Brother’s concert takes place in the Hudson Yard. Dash looks for Boomer at the New Year’s Eve concert. It may not be evident, but Dash and Lily is Nick Jonas pet project and producer of the show.

About Dash and Lily

Dash and Lily is an American romantic comedy series. Based on the young adult series Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. The eight-episode series premiered on Nextflix on 10 November 2020.

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