Travel Intern is about being smart when planning and travelling. There is always something new to learn in travel which is the reason for the name of our blog.


Hi, I’m Andy

My journey in travel started when I became the Contiki Ambassador in Malaysia.

I have travelled to Europe, Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan.

Many nights, I would let my mind drift to faraway lands and imagine what it would feel like to see it with my own eyes.

Hi, I’m Eugene

I always had the passion for travel since young. I love seeing new places and exploring interesting cultures.

I travelled to Europe, Indonesia, India, Japan, Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and USA

Worked in the airline industry for 14 years before moving to a travel management company where I currently handle e-commerce.


Our Collaborations

We had various collaborations including Club Med All-Inclusive Holidays, Contiki, Marriott Hotels, Royal Caribbean International, and Universal Studios Japan. Feel free to contact us, if you are keen to work with us.

Our Membership

We are members of the Lost Creator Academy. Christian Le Blanc as well as the rest of the members in the academy has taught us on how to be better content creators.

Our Travel Style

We travel at our own pace in our own way. Sometimes it’s interesting to get lost in a city. The wrong street might turn into a right street for discovering something unique or utterly amazing.

Our Content

We are not expert photographers or videographers. Our content is created using iPhone 11, Go Pro Hero 7, Insta360 One X, DJI Pocket 2, and DJI Mavic Air, just like most tourist. We edit using Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom. Some photos and videos may be supplemented from image bank or provided by our partners. These will be marked appropriately.

We are Interns of the World

We are on a journey to find and share what we learn from our trips and hope our readers will make the most out every trip through the lessons we pick up along the way. We encourage our readers to spend local where they can as it helps the local economy of the place you are visiting.

You don’t need to be rich to travel, but you can make your travel priceless.